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A day by bus!

Taking a “micro” (city bus) in Santiago de Chile, is a adrenaline segregation good way because of the fast and rash micreros (drivers), and also could be a good way to know the “modus vivendi” of many people in and out the buses. Thanks to the old bus network and “micreros” goodwill for accept them in the buses to sing, to sell or only to ask for money, some of them earn money for live.

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Buff-Collmax Team at Raid in France

At the same Bimbache’s world round raids, the Adventure Race World Series, the Raid in France during last 2007 September, was hard, long and selective race because of the ground and bad weather. After four days leading the race, the Buff-Coolmax were must let the race because of three members stomachic problems. Original Buff S.A. enterprise did contract Xavi Llongueras photograph services for this report.

Buff-Coolmax team at Raid Bimbache 2007

Four days report about Buff-Coolmax team at adventure race Raid Bimbache in Andalucia region. This race in the fifth edition it was again of Adventure Race World Series. Buff-Coolmax team was champion at 4:40 hours from Finland team on second place.

Sant Ermengol fair (La Seu d'Urgell)

Photos taken by an assignment of the La Seu d’Urgell Town Hall about the famous Sant Ermengol 2006 festivity.

'Widex' Almería half marathon

Photos taken for Widex Audífonos, S.A company article, at the Almeria 2007 Half Marathon, where the runners closely bound to the company did run to prepare the big Chinese wall Marathon.

Sky Games Andorra 2006

In these hard tests of Sky Games held in Andorra 2006, Xavi Llongueras did make the High Mountain article.

Llivia 2006 duathlon

One of among others articles jobs done by Xavi Llongueras for Ocisport Serveis Esportius SL company, Llivia Duathlon 2006.

Winter Raid La Molina 2006

Another race organised by Emma Roca where Xavi Llongueras assisted on High Mountain advise and the photo article, this last one was realized in extreme conditions due to the weather conditions.

Triraid Lleida 2006

Buff-Colmax runner Emma Roca, has been organising for the last 2 years these beginner Raids whithin the country and she contacts Xavi Llongueras for both: photographic services and for High Mountain guide advice.

Copa Catalana de BTT

The company Ocisport Serveis Esportius, S.L from Igualada contracts the photographic services of Xavi Llongueras, to realize the memory of the sports events, like the Catalan MTB Cup, ‘Volcat’, o the internacional Mountain Buff Sky Runner races among others.

Adventure raid AR2006 in Sweden

Article realized next to the swedish photographer Peder Sundström, of one of the races of the circuit that are part of the World Adventure Raid championship, the famous AR World Championship

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