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Ownership of the page

The use of this web page (www.fotollongueras.com ) implies full acceptance of the version of these general conditions published at the time of access thereto. The conditions may be altered without prior notice in response to changes in legislation, drafting error or simply a desire to alter them.

This legal notice sets out the general conditions governing access to and use of the web page http://www.fotollongueras.com owned by Xavi Llongueras i Orriols, adress c/ Rodeig, 1 de 25727 Prullans.

Intellectual and industrial property of the content

The entire content of the web page, as well as its layout and design (*) are the property of Xavi Llongueras i Orriols and are protected by current intellectual and industrial property regulations.

Reproduction thereof by any medium is not permitted without the express consent of its owner. If the information is used on the Internet a link has to be posted to the page from which it was taken (and the aforesaid consent is required in order to do so). Use of the content of this web page for commercial or illicit purposes is likewise entirely forbidden.

No responsibility will be accepted for the possible consequences of third-party use of the content of this web page, and any corresponding civil or criminal action may be brought in the event of breach of these rights by the user.

The author of some of the icons used on the page is Mark James.

Personal data

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Act 15-1999 of December 13th on Personal Data Protection, and the provisions of section 12 of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21st, you are informed that your personal data will be processed and included in the files of Xavi Llongueras i Orriols for the purpose of establishing communication between www.fotollongueras.com and its clients, for publicizing the companies www.guiallongueras.com and www.guiescarrosdefoc.com associated with Xavi Llongueras i Orriols and for steps deriving from work or services carried out or hired.

www.fotollongueras.com will deem that all persons who provide their data lend their express consent for such purposes, if within a period of 30 days they have not stated otherwise. Such persons nevertheless have the right to withdraw that consent or exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition vis-à-vis this entity by writing to www.fotollongueras.com via electronic mail.

www.fotollongueras.com also gathers technical data that serve to draw up statistics on visitors to the page, so as to thereby be able to adapt it to the needs of users. Such data include:

  • The IP (Internet Protocol) address assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the user and the domain name of the ISP.
  • The date of user access to the web page.
  • The Internet address (where a link has been used) through which the web page was accessed.
  • The operating system and client program (web browser) of the user.
  • The country from which the web page was accessed (if visible).

All these data are entirely anonymous and are in no case related with the personal information of the user. They are used principally for generating statistics on access to the page, so as thereby to improve the service.


The web page http://www.fotollongueras.com uses cookies (small files stored on the computers of users) in order to identify the user session and thus be in a position to know which internal pages they visit and the approximate time they spend there. They also permit saving of user preferences (if any) for displaying the web page. These files under no circumstances include the personal information of users.


www.fotollongueras.com reserves the right, at any time and without need for prior notice to users, unilaterally to alter, extend or temporarily or permanently suspend the presentation, technical configuration, content or services of this web page. It also reserves the right to alter at any time these conditions of use or any other special conditions, though this does not absolve the user from complying with them as they stand at the time of accessing the page.


The web page http://www.fotollongueras.com may contain hyperlinks to other outside web pages, for whose content, configuration, presentation or services Xavi Llongueras i Orriols under no circumstances accepts any responsibility and to which these general conditions need in no way be applicable. The provision of links to outside web pages does not imply that there is any relationship between this web page and the linked ones, nor between their respective owners.

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