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Travel postcards

4 travel postcard series with Xavi Llongueras photos. A Pakistan girl and another from India, Himalayan landscape and Brasil flower, it’s this poscards group you could find in travel bookshop as Altair in Barcelona and Desnivel in Madrid.

Servei General d'Informació de Muntanya

4 Southamerica photos and 4 from Asia, is the 8 mountain poscard series with Xavi Llongueras photos. Published by Servei General d’Informació de Muntanya from Sabadell (Spain).
In the back side there is a photo diagram drawing, for give information about names and height photo mountains.

Gredos mountains range

Poscards series ordered by Oscar Morales, Elola hut owner from Sierra de Gredos (Ávila).

Cerdanya and Alt Urgell

Cerdanya and Alt Urgell areas postcards series, with Xavi Llongueras photos. You could find it in specialized shops from both areas. Published and distributed by www.fotollongueras.com

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